Volunteer Opportunities


Wreath arrival in Jacksonville

UPDATE: 19 Nov 2017

We need volunteers (about 40) to be Leads and Crew Chiefs for the unloading and staging of the wreaths once the Escort of the Wreaths arrives. These volunteers need to be adults please.

We need volunteers who will be the Truck Lead and Crew Chief for the unloading of the trucks. The Lead position will involve coordinating with the Section Lead to ensure the correct number of wreaths are unloaded for each of the Sections. The Crew Chief will ensure that only the number of cases the Lead asks for are unloaded.

The next group will be Section Leads and Crew Chiefs will coordinate with the Truck Lead as to how many cases they need for their Section. The Section Crew Chiefs coordinate with their Section Lead and organize the other volunteers in the unpacking and staging of the wreaths.

As an example Section 2 will have a Section Lead and 3 Crew Chiefs (one for each of the three segments that make up Section 2).

If you are the organizer for a business, Legion Post, Scouting group, JROTC Unit all of your group do not need to attend but we do ask that at least two people from each group attends so you can then instruct your other folks on what they will be tasked to do.

We will hold a walk thru meeting on 02 Dec 2017. Location and time will be announced later this week.


The wreaths for the Jacksonville National Cemetery will be arriving in Jacksonville any time between Monday, 11 Dec 2017 and Friday, 15 Dec 2017.

The drivers are supposed to contact us when they are 24 hours out. If the wreaths are palletized we will need volunteers to help if any of the box stacks have toppled over. If the wreaths are floor loaded we will need volunteers to help transfer the wreaths from the over the road trucks into the local delivery trucks. We need volunteers!

As soon as I hear from the drivers I will post the details on our website,  and on our Facebook page.                                                               www.WreathsAcrossAmericaJacksonville.com/volunteer-opportunities/                                                                                     www.Facebook.com/WAAatJNC



Wreaths Across America Day

Please also see our Event Information page for a detailed timeline for the day.

There is no sign up for coming out to help place wreaths upon the headstones at the Jacksonville National Cemetery. All we ask of those attending is to carpool as much as possible as parking is rather limited.

For those who would like to help unload the trucks and stage the wreaths please be on property no later than 7:30am.

The Escort of the Wreaths will arrive at approximately 8:30am. Please carpool as much as possible as parking is rather limited.

For those who would like to help place the wreaths upon the headstones please be on property no later than 11:30am as the program starts promptly at 11:45am.  Please carpool as much as possible as parking is rather limited.